The Company

Luxury brand handcrafted in Italy by professional artisans with traditional craftsmanship that offers supreme quality ready to wear by using a selection of finest fibers. The collection feels like second skin, is easy to wear, breathable and durable in all seasons. A statement of quality in every movement. Each masterpiece is made individually with passion and care for handcrafted details, cuts and stitching provides an aesthetic effect. 

Superrich uniform makes men feel bolder, stronger and sophisticated.

Finest Craftmanship

The Superrich Tailors are a team of the finest men's fitting craftsmanship in Italy. They are the ones who accomplish the greatest perfection in fashion with the finest materials. What sets Superrich garments apart is seen through the subtle detailed elements in every piece of clothing. Our tailors are present through all phases of production from design to pressing, they give aptitude to every one of the means that breathe life into a Superrich garment.