Made In Italy

Superrich cares for the world and takes pride in working with the best quality and environmental fibers. Superrich is a fashion house of discovery, innovation and experience combined together. It is essential for Superrich to work with high professionalism of craftsmanship to have the best quality garments in the fashion industry. The fibers chosen by the talented team are from Italy. The fibers come from an innovative Research and Production Center of the most prized yarns in the world. The yarns are surrounded by air, water, and scenery. It is only privileged to a few in the world, to be surrounded by this serene atmosphere continuing the message of inspiration and luxury. The yarn is skillfully combined in order to express unique quality by its technology and materials.

“Made in Italy” style and garments are a vital component of the Italian culture. It is the synonym of luxury and top quality. This is the reason that all Superrich garments and its fibers are produced entirely in Italy. 


The quality garments have given life into our luxury brand and they are a reflection of true beauty and the philosophy behind “Made in Italy”.


Superrich offers a complete range of the finest high quality garments. Superrich adds value in terms of expertise, professional skills and top quality research, which their clientele has acknowledged by showing true loyalty.

"Rebirth of the Superrich" collection conveys a sense of ‘freedom and pleasure’, the freedom of achieving your goal in life, the pleasure of wearing upmost high quality garments. The brand is a lifestyle, finding luxury in every aspect and expressing quality in every movement.