CCMI - Safeguarding its prices around the world
The yarns are a derived member of the Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute Committee.

Traceability (Italian Textile Fashion)

The Chamber of Commerce safeguards the fashion production chain. Superrich has full transparency about the source of every production stage. Every cone of yarn is traceable from raw material to the making. The yarns are therefore entirely produced in Italy.


OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 - International Standard for Safety throughout the textile production chain
With this standard the production processes have been optimized for human ecology. All products have been analyzed and approved by international institutes specialized in the textile industry to guarantee that the fibers are not harmful for the consumers’ health. 

Green - The fibers go through an innovative design and Color Development Center

The research and development center worked together with Italian universities and created innovative environmentally friendly materials to dye Cashmere and Silk. The colors are exclusively made from flowers, leaves, berries, herbs and roots that can be used as dyes. The plants used are per specific agreements with the farmers. All ingredients are treated with care that a natural product requires. There is a unique way of dying the fibers and they all go through a strict quality control ensuring a total reproducible product. The procedure is slow and takes professionals up to several days, but the end result is an unconventional unique color quality.


The handcrafted quality that is achieved is recognizable by the harmonious and vibrant reflection of light on the yarn. The uniqueness and luxurious quality of our Cashmere/Silk is visible in each individual garment leaving the consumer speechless and interested in the fine Italian textile art.


Peruvian Pima ELS Cotton - the legendary ‘cotton of the Gods’

Superrich works with extremely valuable high quality and supremely soft cotton.  The quality of the production is guaranteed through constant laboratory testing. There is a traditional method used to preserve its original quality and it is all handpicked and cultivated from the Peruvian highlands. Extra Long Staples (ELS) cottons: extra-fine, high quality and particularly long, which gives the yarn softness and unrivaled shine. Carefully selected raw materials; technologically advanced spinning machinery dyes that respect the environment are used in dyeing processes to highlight the natural characteristics of the yarn.

Mercerization with respect for the environment

Mercerization process, by using machinery that recycles the caustic soda, this technique eliminates the pollution risk for the water resources used by the company. All dyes used for coloring the yarns are high quality based on formulas that combine high performance and the values of sustainable production and do not contain harmful substances. 


ISO 9001 certification

All the raw materials are entirely processed in Italy and undergo quality checks during all processing stages. The company gained the ISO 9001 certification, which testifies to the existence of quality by a management system capable in manufacturing high quality products.